Spot coaching is for professionals who seek support around one particular issue. Instead of spending months on a coaching program, we’ll go straight to the heart of the issue and come up with an action plan . . . all within 30 minutes. This service is one of the most cost-effective ways for an individual to improve their performance or for an organization to offer coaching to multiple employees. 


  • Organizations who want to provide development to high potential individual contributors without investing in an Individual Coaching package.
  • Organizations who want to provide coaching to multiple employees over a short time period. (During a Spot-Coaching Day, I see up to fifteen participants between the hours of 8am-5pm.)
  • Individuals who seek support in a focused area such as: communicating more effectively with a boss, networking effectively at an upcoming event, or dealing with a difficult employee.
  • Past coaching clients who need a quick refresher, are facing a new position, or need help to tackle a new challenge.

Through the spot coaching experience, our employees received the gifts of an objective sounding board, professional insights, and actionable takeaways. 

Tommi Paris, Manager of Diverity & Inclusion, Southern Company Gas

A straightforward process that leads to immediate results

  • Work directly with me, Dr. Lisa Graham, an organizational psychologist who has been coaching a wide range of professionals – from individual contributors to C-Suite Executives — for over 19 years.
  • Complete a condensed coaching process quickly – in only 30 minutes.
  • Participate in a private, confidential exchange that enables the participant to quickly cut to the heart of a challenge.
  • Leave the session with an action plan that can be implemented immediately. A plan may involve a shift in mindset, a planned communication, or an action item.

How spot coaching works

Each spot coaching session follows a tight agenda:

1.Brief review of relevant details and background

(5 minutes)


2.Exploration of topic or challenge on which participant wishes to focus

(15 minutes)

3. Discussion of possible next steps or a recommended shift in perspective

(5 minutes)


4.Development of an action plan

(5 minutes)

When I turn to Lisa for help, I’m confident she will provide sound, thoughtful recommendations. 

Megann Bates Cain, MPPM UAB Department of Medicine, Chief of Staff, Senior Director of Development and Strategic Planning

How do I know if spot coaching is right for me and/or my team?

 Spot coaching is likely to provide results when the participant . . .

  • Seeks focused assistance with one specific challenge or development goal.
  • Is willing to share openly with a professional s/he does not yet know well.
  • Is motivated to pursue a plan of action independently.


    Spot coaching is unlikely to provide results if . . .

    • The participant seeks long term coaching and hopes to use spot coaching as a substitute.
    • The participant seeks assistance with a significant career barrier with which s/he has been struggling for an extended period of time, despite previous efforts to address it. (An Individual Coaching package is more likely to be a fit for this participant.)
    • The participant’s manager/ supervisor wants the participant to address a developmental need that the participant does not view as legitimate or is not sincerely committed to addressing.

    Cost per coaching session is $187. You must pre-pay to reserve your appointment time.